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Life Path Numbers And Purpose

Life Path Numbers in numerology reveal the basic path for our life and shows the unique abilities we were born with, as well as the challenges we will have to face in this lifetime.

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We are all travellers on the path. Some of us have stopped and are resting - some have rested for too long. Some are making detours into other tracks leading away from the path, tracks which appear to offer rich satisfaction, yet resolve into nothing more than a confirmation that we have only one true path and we need to discover what this is to really find true bliss.

What is your special path in life? Do you know where you are going and what your destiny is? Life Path Numbers can shine a light into the sometimes murky waters of the soul and illuminate the way.

How To Divine Life Path Numbers

In Two Simple Steps

The first step is to simply take your full date of birth, write it down numerically and then add all of these numbers together. For example, if we take the birth date of January 2, 1986 and write it numerically and add these numbers together:

2 + 1 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 6 = 21

Then we would add these remaining numbers together to find the Life Path Number:

2 + 1 = 3

So in this example the Life Path Number is 3.

Now let's look at the meaning for each of these Life Path Numbers.

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Life Path Numbers 1 and 2

Adaptors & Peacemakers

Life Path NumbersLife Path 1

These people are born with two main purposes - to learn to adjust to the ups and downs of life themselves, and to help others do the same. They possess a natural ability for making people happy, and appear as very self-assured. They are confident, bright and happy themselves, but must watch out that they do not dominate others unwisely. They are very adaptable people who express best when allowed the freedom of the bubbling excitement of life.

Life Path 2

Those with this Life Path are intuitive, sensitive, reliable, diligent and compassionate, having the important ability of peacemaker. They are less motivated by ego than most people , although they can become somewhat materialistic is living in a negative way. They are extremely capable and confident when allowed to work at their own steady pace, although they can become insecure if pushed too much. They have a special ability to work with and under the guidance of dynamic leadership.

Life Path Numbers 3 and 4

Thinkers & Organisers

Life Path NumbersLife Path 3

People with this Life Path number have an extremely active brain - the speed with which they engage in mental work often leaves others well behind. They have a natural wit and good sense of humour, which makes them popular and pleasant to be around. They are often the life of the party, although in their romantic relationships they have to watch that they do not become too critical of their partners. They can become impatient when others are not as alert mentally as they are.

Life Path 4

These people have a natural flair for using their hands and working with anything on a material level. They are practical, well-organised, very capable with their hands and tend to be quite orthodox in their outlook on life. They are among the most systematic, reliable and trustworthy of people although they must take care that they do not become overly materialistic or too absorbed in their work.

Life Path Numbers 5 and 6

Adventurers & Creatives

Life Path NumbersLife Path 5

People with this Life path Number invariably strive to be free of confinement. This can make it difficult for them to work for a boss, and many seek careers where they can work without immediate direction. They have a strong desire for adventure and love to travel. Their nature is independent, intuitive, artistic and adventurous, although they can be moody especially when feeling suppressed. They are highly sensitive and enjoy expressing themselves artistically.

Life Path 6

This is a Life Path number of extremes. These people have the potential for great creative power when living positively, but when living negatively they become incessant worriers. They excel in situations in which their trust, creativity and deep sense of responsibility are called for. They love their homes and enjoy making them beautiful and comfortable. They are creative, loving, unselfish and tolerant, but are inclined towards deep worry and anxiety.

Life Path Numbers 7, 8 and 9

Teachers & Humanitarians

Life Path NumbersLife Path 7

This is the Life Path Number under which people gain maximum experience, both through learning and through teaching. They learn best through personal involvement and enlightenment gained in such a way qualifies them to be able to share their experiences, making them excellent teachers. They are assertive, philosophical and helpful, although they find it difficult to accept any kind of guidance from others. They will experience many hardships and trials in their lives, but fortunately they have a natural fortitude and inherent confidence which serves them well.

Life Path 8

People with this Life Path Number can be very complex people who invariably possess great strength of character and have an enormous capacity for compassion and tenderness, especially for those in trouble. They are very independent, dependable, self-confident and take great pride in their appearance. They sometimes struggle to express themselves, especially to those they love. They can therefore be quite undemonstrative at home, although their love for helpless creatures - animals, infants, the dependent and the very sick - is constantly seeking to be expressed.

Life Path 9

Responsibility and humanitarian concern are the two most vital aspects of this Life Path Number. The serving of humanity and the improving of earthly life are at the heart of their expression. Responsibility is their forte, they are exceptionally honest and intensely idealistic. They would rather give money to needy people than save it for themselves. They have to watch though that they do not become hypocritical and egocentrical. They have a serious attitude to life, and will need to work on their understanding of other people.